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Unicorn Battle California | Global startup-pitching series

IxD Capital invites investors to join the online startup-pitching series Unicorn Battle California

Unicorn Battle California, USA — July 14th, 2020:

  • 20:00−23:00 (GMT+3)

IxD Capital’s partner Startup.Network is an international platform for venture capital professionals with over 120 000 participants from 55 countries in its startup portfolio.

Startup-pitching series "Startup Battles" are held regularly by the Startup. Network platform in collaboration with its partners to promote international venture industry.

Startup. Network has already organized more than 200 Startup Battles in various cities all over the world — in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

The winner of the Unicorn Battle in California will be granted a chance to present their project at the Unicorn CUP — Silicon Valley Finals of global pitch competition on July 30th, 2020!

The private sector is considered the main provider of innovative solutions. The world’s top venture funds choose best startup projects!

Pitching at the Unicorn Battle California is a great opportunity for you to find investments, acquire practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals, meet new partners and clients, expand your network, and present your startup to the investment community.

Startup Battle California is an online event. Best startups will be assessed by the panel and investors.

Welcome the honoured Judges of the upcoming Unicorn Battle in California:

  • Alexander Soroka — CEO & Founder at Startup. Network;

  • Eva Andriyash — Chairwoman and CEO at IxD Capital;

  • Marisa Alma McGinnis — LP in Blumberg Capital Fund III, Managing Director at Golden Seeds;

  • Roman Nikitov — Head of ICU;

  • Itai Maron — Venture Partner at Heroic Ventures;

  • Kate Seledets — Venture Associate at 500 Startups;

  • Eugene Malobrodsky — Venture Partner at One Way Ventures;

  • Jordan Wahbeh — Vice President at Scorpion Capital Management, Managing Partner of SV Venture Group, Partner at Andra Capital Jordan;

  • Sunil Ranka — Partner at ZNL Ventures, Founder of Predikly;

  • Victoria Mehran — Associate at Expert Dojo;

  • Gary Fowler — CEO, President, and Co-founder of GSD Venture Studios;

  • Jesus Mauricio Flores — Principal at HACK Fund;

  • Vasily Nikolaev — Venture Partner at Network. VC;

  • Brett Noyes — Founder and Managing Director of Unbank. Ventures;

  • Tom Kosnik — Venture Partner at FoundersX Ventures;

  • Ruchi Dana — Venture Partner at FundRx, Board Member at DANA Group;

  • Greg Shepard — Founding Partner at BOSS Capital Partners;

  • Sudhir Kadam — Venture Partner at FYDA Growth Partners;

  • Marcelo Carrullo — Executive director at Drummond Advisors;

  • Danil Kislinskiy — Partner and VP of Global Business Intelligence at GSD Venture Studio;

  • Michelle E. Messina — CEO of Explora International;

  • Stas Khirman — Co-founder of SVOD, Managing Partner at TEC Ventures;

  • Abhijeet Kumar — Co-founder of ah! Ventures;

  • Ik Kanu — Founding Partner at Atlantica Ventures;

  • Kirill Babich — Founder of Malamute Startups Agency;

  • Keith Herman — Founder of IPA Equities;

  • Dave Martinez — CEO and Founder of Dave Martinez Ventures;

  • Anna Degtereva — CEO and Founder of Happy Farm business accelerator;

  • Abraham van Wyk — General Partner at Acquipharma;

  • Guillaume Kloof — Managing Partner at Valley Date Venture Partners;

  • João Luis Olivério — Founder at Sales as a System and Investor at Mucker Capital;

  • Charles Yu — Venture Principal at Bling Capital;

  • Svet Sedov — Angel Investor;

  • James Sowers — Angel Investor.

Top startups have been selected to be pitched live at Unicorn Battle California 2020:

1. ReferMeJob — an online platform to help job seekers get hired faster and cheaper with verified referrals and information interviews from real company employees;

2. Fanalyze — a simple mobile app created to introduce better and straightforward approach to sports search results;

3. Moonshot Junior, Inc. — a 'product-first' approach to prepare 'workforce of future' via STEAM, gig economy, and entrepreneurship to 7−17 years in a hands-on way;

4. Got it — an app featuring a Q&A algorithm that helps athletes overcome their mental difficulties and win competitions;

5. Pigeon Networks — fitness band and mobile apps to improve retention with meaningful gamification in after-school program participation while also keeping parents informed;

6. RedApple Digital Health — the most inclusive and innovative platform for healthcare providers and patients to connect;

7. Mi Terro — biotech that rescues food waste and re-engineers it into sustainable fibers to replace plastic.

See you at the Online Unicorn Battle California, July 14th, 2020, 20:00 (GMT+3)!