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Impact Leaders with Eva Andriyash | Robert J. Rubinstein

Let’s meet the speakers for the IxD Capital section on "Innovation Day" of the Digital Week Online

May 27th, 2020 during the "Innovation Day" of the Digital Week Online IxD Capital will hold a section on Impact Investment and Innovation.

The section’s key speakers are representatives of the top impact funds and organizations — leaders who, through their actions, create a new history and new sustainable financial system which values not only financial, but financial, human, and natural capital in balance.

Meet Robert J. Rubinstein — Founder and CEO at Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI):

Robert J. Rubinstein is a champion in impact and sustainable investment.

Back in 1998 Robert founded his company Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI) in the Netherlands with the mission of integrating responsible investing principles and ESG standards into the culture and strategy of international corporate business.

Robert is one of the pioneers of the impact investment industry, and throughout his career he has served on various profit and nonprofit Boards and Advisory Councils, including International Center for Corporate Accountability, International Sustainability Consultancy, Fortis Investments SRI fund, ICCA, and many others.

Robert has taught courses and delivered lectures on Impact Investment and Sustainable Development for the world’s top universities.

On top of his work for TBLI, today Robert is also on Advisory Board of Project X Global, and Wealth & Society and Lifestyles Magazine.

In his presentation for the Impact Section of the Digital Week Robert Rubinstein stresses the utmost importance of education the mainstream investors and the financial sector on the impact investment’s multi-stakeholder approach, benefitting not only he investor, but also the society, the environment, and the individual, as opposed to generating income to the detriment of the world.


Robert J. Rubinstein, Founder & CEO at Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI) — IxD Capital Section on "Innovation Day" of Digital Week Online on May 27, 2020:


Program of IxD Capital Section on Impact Investments and Innovations on Digital Week Online, May 27, 2020