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Pre-Acceleration Program for SDG | UNLEASH+ 2021 Pitch Showcase

IxD Capital is pleased to invite you for the Pre-Acceleration Program for 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Join us in for the UNLEASH+ 2021 Pitch Showcase:

  • March 5th, 2021, 12:00−14:00 (GMT+0).

UNLEASH is one of global partners of IxD Capital for Sustainable Development Agenda and brings together young leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to develop innovative and practical solutions to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UNLEASH has resulted in three successful annual Innovation Labs in Denmark, Singapore and Shenzhen, China.

UNLEASH+ is a 6-month pre-acceleration program providing teams with the right skills, resources, and mindset to implement solutions addressing the SDGs and design them for scaled impact.

Co-hosted with Chemonics International, it provides exclusive tools, support from world-class experts, and access to sector-specific partners.

The program includes a four-month Online phase for business model development, a 4-day Bootcamp with highly tailored opportunities and a pitch to funders awarding grants to the most committed teams and advanced solutions, and a final Connect phase focused on matching teams.

UNLEASH+ aims to support the launch and acceleration of innovative solutions, build a strong community of passionate talents and experts, connect high potential teams with funders and accelerators, and provide a supportive environment for all participants to advance their social impact ventures.

Goal of the UNLEASH+ 2021 Pitch Showcase:

The goal of the Pitch Showcase, held in the final phase of the program, is to connect Capacity Builders (e.g. potential accelerators, funders, or partners) with ventures graduating from the UNLEASH+ cohort.

The teams are primarily in the early stage of developing their social impact startups focused on refining their business models, launching their products and services, securing funding, and growing sales.

Why be part of UNLEASH+?

1. Experience: Acquire new knowledge, skills, and networks through this new edition of UNLEASH+, by supporting teams and young leaders addressing the SDGs.

2. Platform: Get curated access to a community of ultimately 14,000 talents as well as hundreds of partners who can help brainstorm, develop, and test new ideas.

3. Solutions: Unearth new ideas and/or scale existing solutions that are strategically important to you by joining or furthering your involvement in the UNLEASH movement.

UNLEASH+ Program Overview:

In 2020, UNLEASH and Chemonics co-hosted the second iteration of UNLEASH+. Due to COVID-19, all UNLEASH programming was conducted on virtual platforms for 2020 instead of in-person events. We seek to ensure UNLEASH+ still offers the same excellent quality, experience, and outcomes delivered in past years:

  • PART 1 — UNLEASH+ Online: a 14-week online program focusing on the teams driving solutions to address the SDGs, further developing their prototypes, and preparing a full business case to effectively and sustainably reach beneficiaries.

  • PART 2 — UNLEASH+ Bootcamp: a 4-day Bootcamp (held online this year) with highly tailored support for the teams and the opportunity to pitch to a panel of funders and partners.

  • PART 3 — UNLEASH+ Connect (NOW): support on the next steps after the program and connections with partner capacity builders and funders to take the solution further.

Judging Criteria:

When selecting the Semi-Finalists, Finalists, and ultimately the winner of the Pitch for Progress Competition, we are ranking submissions based on the below criteria in addition to the number of votes collected by each company.

1. Pitch Quality:

  • Is your pitch clearly communicated?

  • Do we clearly understand the problem you’re solving, the solution you’re building, and how your company will make an impact?

  • Did you clearly define your audience?

  • Did you include what makes your company competitive in your industry?

2. Company Impact:

  • Is your company clearly aligned with, or supporting, at least one of the UN SDGs?

  • Did you include information on how you will measure your impact in the short and long term?

3. Overall Fundability:

  • Did you provide a clear and sustainable revenue model?

  • Is your addressable market big enough to make a large impact?

  • Can your solution scale?

See you at the UNLEASH+ 2021 Pitch Showcase, March 5th, 2021, 12:00—14:00 (GMT+0)!