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World Environment Day-2020 | IxD Capital Section

IxD Capital will host a section during World Environment Day: "Impact investing and impact entrepreneurship — new rules of the new world"

World Environment Day is a paradigm-shifting online symposium that will gather over 25 renowned sustainability leaders, environmentalists, researchers, specialists on health, botanic conservation, resource management, sustainable agriculture and building from around the world.

The speakers will present talks and breakout sessions to discuss the future of Environment and Sustainability on the World Environment Day and beyond, seeking practical solutions and ways to reach sustainability, preserving the environment in its diversity.

Over 25 eminent sustainability leaders in different professions around the world will provide an opportunity to learn from successful cases and technologies for achieving Environmental sustainability.

World Environment Day will bring together speakers from the US, Russia, Canada, Nigeria, France, Qatar, Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Switzerland, Turkey, and other parts of the globe to share the sustainable development experience, unique to their region.

One of the keynote speakers is Jeffrey D. Sachs (SDSN), named twice by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential world leaders and ranked among the top three most influential living economists by The Economist.

IxD Capital will host a section, focusing on the role of innovation and impact investing in the preservation of the planet’s future: "Impact investing and impact entrepreneurship — new rules of the new world".

IxD Capital’s take on the future of Environment and Sustainability will be presented by Eva Andriyash, Chairwoman and CEO of IxD Capital.

The online event, hosted by Green Institute (Nigeria), Hamad Bin Khalifa University (Qatar Foundation), and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, will cover a range of topics:

  • Biodiversity Conservation;

  • Infectious Diseases;

  • Sustainable Agriculture;

  • Sustainable Building;

  • Urban Innovation;

  • Minimal Living;

  • Eco-Feminism;

  • Waste Management;

  • Renewable Energy;

  • Green Education.

The participating organizations of World Environment Day include:

  • UN Development Programme;

  • The Green Institute;

  • Qatar Green Building Council;

  • Qur’anic Botanic Garden;

  • Farm Lab;

  • Human Future;

  • Springer Nature;

  • Institute for Oil, Gas, Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development;

  • University of Basel;

  • Open University UK;

  • TerraCycle;

  • Design Future (s) Initiative of Georgetown University;

  • Green Maasai Troupe Doha Qatar.

The event will also feature a virtual book launch — "The Principles of Green and Sustainability Science" - written by Adenike Akinsemolu, founder of the Green Institute.

It is one of the first texts examining sustainability issues in Africa, offering a detailed and step-by-step guide to understanding sustainability, highlighting the successful cases in Africa and the world.

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Presentation of IxD Capital on World Environment Day, 2020: "Impact Investing and Impact Entrepreneurship: The New Rule for a New World"