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Impact Leaders with Eva Andriyash | Stergios Voskopoulos

Let’s meet the speakers for the IxD Capital section on "Innovation Day" of the Digital Week Online

May 27th, 2020 during the "Innovation Day" of the Digital Week Online IxD Capital will hold a section on Impact Investment and Innovation.

The section’s key speakers are representatives of the top impact funds and organizations — leaders who, through their actions, create a new history and new sustainable financial system which values not only financial, but financial, human, and natural capital in balance.

Meet Stergios Voskopoulos — CEO at Kanoo Capital:

Stergios Voskopoulos is the CEO of Kanoo Capital, the Investment Division within YBA Kanoo, one of the largest and oldest family conglomerates in the Middle East.

As CEO of Kanoo Capital, Mr. Voskopoulos is responsible for the active management of direct and indirect investments regionally and globally.

Stergios has worked in the Gulf Region for over 10 years, and has over 20 years of global experience in the areas of Asset Management, Private Equity and M&A, including AIG Global Investment Group, Barclays, Investcorp and Seera Investment Bank.

Mr. Voskopoulos has also been a serial entrepreneur himself and a speaker in several global summits in topics around investment management, family offices, global affairs and business.

Stergios speaks six languages having lived and worked in seven countries.

Real impact investment leading to durable positive impact for societies does not always require endless pumping of money, but always takes careful planning and creative solutions to utilize the existing structures and resources in an optimal way, emphasizes Stergios Voskopoulos in his presentation for IxD Capital’s panel discussion during Digital Week Online.


Stergios Voskopoulos, CEO at Kanoo Capital — IxD Capital Section on "Innovation Day" of Digital Week Online on May 27, 2020:


Program of IxD Capital Section on Impact Investments and Innovations on Digital Week Online, May 27, 2020