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Unicorn Battle Hong Kong | Global startup-pitching series

IxD Capital invites investors to join the online startup-pitching series Unicorn Battle Hong Kong

Unicorn Battle Hong Kong, Asia — July 16th, 2020:

  • 20:00−23:00 (GMT+3)

IxD Capital’s partner Startup.Network is an international platform for venture capital professionals with over 120 000 participants from 55 countries in its startup portfolio.

Startup-pitching series "Startup Battles" are held regularly by the Startup. Network platform in collaboration with its partners to promote international venture industry.

Startup. Network has already organized more than 200 Startup Battles in various cities all over the world — in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

The winner of the Unicorn Battle in Hong Kong will be granted a chance to present their project at the Unicorn CUP — Silicon Valley Finals of global pitch competition on July 28th, 2020!

The private sector is considered the main provider of innovative solutions. The world’s top venture funds choose best startup projects!

Pitching at the Unicorn Battle Hong Kong is a great opportunity for you to find investments, acquire practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals, meet new partners and clients, expand your network, and present your startup to the investment community.

Startup Battle Hong Kong is an online event. Best startups will be assessed by the panel and investors.

Welcome the honoured Judges of the upcoming Unicorn Battle in Hong Kong:

  • Alexander Soroka — CEO & Founder of Startup. Network;

  • Eva Andriyash — Chairwoman and CEO at IxD Capital;

  • Roman Nikitov — Head of ICU;

  • Jordan Wahbeh — Vice President at Scorpion Capital Management, Managing Partner of SV Venture Group, Partner at Andra Capital Jordan;

  • Victoria Mehran — Associate at Expert Dojo;

  • Gary Fowler — CEO, President, and Co-founder of GSD Venture Studios;

  • Guillaume Kloof — Managing Partner at Valley Date Venture Partners;

  • Joao Luis Olivério — Founder at Sales as a System and Investor at Mucker Capital;

  • Kevin Pereira — Managing Director at Vickers Venture Partners;

  • Wissam Adli — CIO at Tedder Family Office, Managing Partner at Honey Capital;

  • William Du — CEO and Founder of Ingenious Haus Group;

  • Henry DC Lee — Managing Partner at Hendale Fund;

  • Truc Tran — Investment Associate at ESP Capital;

  • Steven Yung — Managing Partner at Glocal LLC, Board of Directors of TNG FinTech Group Inc.;

  • Rebecca Xie — Cross Border Manager at Plug and Play China;

  • Yunlong Wang — CEO and Founder of Vikcess Business Group;

  • Christopher Fisher — Operating Partner at Click Ventures;

  • Preeti Chaudhary — Venture Partner at ah! Ventures;

  • Atin Batra — General Partner and Founder of Twenty Seven Ventures;

  • Eva Law — Chairman at Association of Family Offices in Asia, General Partner at Asia Co-Investors Club;

  • William Bao Bean — General Partner at SOSV, Managing Director at Chinaccelerator & MOX;

  • Sid Mewara — Managing Partner at M2 Capital Partners;

  • Kelly Luo — Managing Director at Pycap Venture Partners, Investor at Mans International;

  • Colin Chan — Managing Partner at Trenda Capital;

  • Ivan Ivanov — Founding Partner at UVECON;

  • Henry Tan — Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Q Venture Partners;

  • Canberk Mersin — Founder of SADIK VENTURES, CFO and Board Member at PARTNER REPUBLIC, Board Member at SADIK GRUBU;

  • Aidan Chan — Venture Partner at Betatron;

  • Jackie Chen — Founding Partner at INP Capital Inc.;

  • Savas Unsal — Angel Investor and Management Consultant;

  • Geoffrey Handley — General Partner at Haitao Capital.

Top startups have been selected to be pitched live at Unicorn Battle California 2020:

1. BlueMeg — console allowing to seamlessly setup and manage groups of companies;

2. InsureVite — B2B omni-app communications and transaction platform;

3. IPification — service verifying phone number, SIM card and Device via user’s IP address assigned by their mobile network providers;

4. krip — Hong Kong’s first centralized credit card rewards platform;

5. DNA Technology — custom eyewear design and production network;

6. Neufast Limited — AI-powered video interviewing llowing to gauge soft skills early in the process;

7. TheFutures. io — world-class design delivered in less than 24 hours;

8. Prive Technologies — B2B, modular and API-enabled "building blocks" that provide end-to-end solutions for banks, financial advisors, independent asset managers and insurance companies;

9. Volvero — an app for sharing vehicles that connects private and institutional owners with those in the need of renting one;

10. MingMing — marketplace for short video postcards from celebrities.

See you at the Online Unicorn Battle Hong Kong, July 16th, 2020, 20:00 (GMT+3)!