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Unicorn Battle Tokyo | Global startup-pitching series

IxD Capital invites investors to join the online startup-pitching series Unicorn Battle Tokyo

Unicorn Battle Tokyo, Asia — June 18th, 2020:

  • 14:00−17:00 (GMT+3)

IxD Capital’s partner Startup.Network is an international platform for venture capital professionals with over 120 000 participants from 55 countries in its startup portfolio.

Startup-pitching series "Startup Battles" are held regularly by the Startup. Network platform in collaboration with its partners to promote international venture industry. Startup. Network has already organized more than 200 Startup Battles in various cities all over the world — in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

The winner of the Unicorn Battle in Tokyo will be granted a chance to present their project at the Unicorn CUP — Silicon Valley Finals of global pitch competition on July 30th, 2020!

The private sector is considered the main provider of innovative solutions. The world’s top venture funds choose best startup projects!

Pitching at the Unicorn Battle Tokyo is a great opportunity for you to find investments, acquire practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals, meet new partners and clients, expand your network, and present your startup to the investment community.

Startup Battle Tokyo is an online event. Best startups will be assessed by the panel and investors.

Welcome the honoured Judges of the upcoming Unicorn Battle in Tokyo:

  • Alexander Soroka — CEO & Founder at Startup. Network;

  • Eva Andriyash — Chairwoman and CEO at IxD Capital;

  • Kanehiro (Shuai Xu) Yoshida — Agorize Japan;

  • Amandeep Singh — Venture Partnerships at Honda Motor Co. & Advisor at Investocracy VC;

  • Megumi Ishitobi — Director of Global Network at Osaka Innovation Hub;

  • Yunlong Wang — Founder and CEO of Vikcess Business Group, VC investor, the EU Director of China-EU Innovation Capital Linkage Center;

  • Roman Nikitov — Head of ICU Ventures;

  • Abhijeet Kumar — Co-Founder at ah! Ventures;

  • Ik Kanu — Founding Partner at Atlantica Ventures;

  • Volker Heistermann — Venture Partner at The Trans-Pacific Technology Fund (TPTF);

  • Abraham van Wyk — General Partner at Acquipharma;

  • Guillaume Kloof — Managing Partner at Valley Date Venture Partners;

  • Ruchi Dana — Venture Partner at FundRx, Board Member at DANA Group;

  • Datuk Paul Chong — Managing Partner at Knights Capital Partners and Camelot Capital Management;

  • William Du — CEO & Founder at Ingenious Haus Group;

  • Ian Low Jian Liang — Trabble & Co-Founder at Captain;

  • Akshaya Kumar Sharma — Senior Digital Expert, Associate Partner, Digital at McKinsey & Company;

  • Hiroyuki Ono — Partner at ACA Investments Pte Ltd;

  • Mayank Shiromani — Fintech at MUFG Innovation Partners Co., Ltd;

  • Adam Claydon-Platt — COO at Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka;

  • Andrew Ive — Founder at Big Idea Ventures;

  • Matthew Zhao — Food Scientist at Big Idea Ventures;

  • Dalal AlGhawas — Program Director at Big Idea Ventures;

  • Denis Valvachev — Senior Managing Partner & Chief Business Development Officer at Quarter Partners;

  • Takeshi Ito — CEO at IMG Global Co., Ltd.

Top startups have been selected to be pitched live at Unicorn Battle Tokyo 2020:

1. Wishri — Online platform to help with needs and interests. From grocery shopping to help you master your favourite hobby, a Wishri partner will support you to ease out the process;

2. Plastalyst — Chemical recycling that can recycle the non-recyclable, turning the most difficult-to-recycle plastics into fuels, carbon, or virgin plastic rather than sending them to incinerators or landfills;

3. Umenoki — Interactive health-tracking app for pregnant women;

4. Toysub! — Educational toy subscription rental business "Toysub!";

5. Common Suppliz — Cross-platform .net browser engine that can run on any platform regardless of CPU architecture;

6. AXiON — AXiR Engine® identifies the health position and disease risk based on the current health data and visualizes immune activity, fatigue, and physical condition by AI;

7. AI Music CompoZAr — Revolutionary web service to obtain customized BGM by AI.

See you at the Online Unicorn Battle Tokyo, June 18th, 2020, 14:00 (GMT+3)!