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Impact Leaders with Eva Andriyash | Alexandra Johnson

Let’s meet the speakers for the IxD Capital section on "Innovation Day" of the Digital Week Online

May 27th, 2020 during the "Innovation Day" of the Digital Week Online IxD Capital will hold a section on Impact Investment and Innovation.

The section’s key speakers are representatives of the top impact funds and organizations — leaders who, through their actions, create a new history and new sustainable financial system which values not only financial, but financial, human, and natural capital in balance.

Meet Alexandra Johnson — Co-Founder and Managing Director at Heed Capital:

Alexandra is a well-known venture capitalist, presiding over one of the world’s top investment conferences on global emerging markets — Global Technology Symposium, held annually since 2003 in the Silicon Valley.

Alexandra invests in a wide array of Tech Development-oriented industries and spheres, and is on Board of many cutting-edge innovation companies, including Grid Dynamics, VisionLabs and Rolith.

Previously Alexandra worked as a managing director of ВАО МЕТ Capital Aurora — a conglomerate of venture companies, specializing in investing in emerging economies.

Collaborating closely with her partners worldwide, Alexandra promotes international cooperation by successfully bringing together San Francisco’s largest investors and tech companies across the globe.

In 2015 Alexandra was listed as one of the World’s Top-20 Most Powerful People in Finance.

Presently Alexandra is working to promote a sustainable investment ecosystem.

To that end, she has founded the Silicon Valley-based impact fund Heed Capital that counts with a number of projects worldwide in its investment portfolio.

Impact companies reach far beyond our first associations exclusively with energy-saving, ecology-protecting projects, and can include a wide range of businesses. The important thing for an impact investor is always assessing the potential outcomes, that can both add to the quality of life and take from it, claims Alexandra Johnson, giving the unconventional examples of Twitter and Uber as essentially impact companies.

According to Alexandra Johnson, globalization — the way we understood that term even three months ago — is different now. The unifying force will be impact and making the lives of the mankind better, not just one region. That’s the real globalization, and it starts with impact.


Alexandra Johnson, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Heed Capital — IxD Capital Section on "Innovation Day" of Digital Week Online on May 27, 2020:


Program of IxD Capital Section on Impact Investments and Innovations on Digital Week Online, May 27, 2020