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Digital Week Online | Autumn-2020 Program

IxD Capital is pleased to invite you to the Digital Week Online Autumn-2020

The future of Digital, 4IR, AI, Blockchain, Impact Investing, Sustainable Development Agenda and Smart Cities.

Digital Week Online Autumn-2020:

October 12−16, 2020

Building on the success of the first global gathering in May 2020, which attracted 170 top-level speakers, Digital Week Online will be expanding this global event.

10 governments and over 200 speakers will take part in Digital Week Online Autumn-2020!

Digital Week Online is an online Summit that unites digital and tech entrepreneurs, authors, investors, innovators, leading corporates, and key governments.

Digital Week Online offers a global cutting edge Digital 360 program that highlights the latest trends and solutions regarding 4IR — 4th Industrial Revolution, Society 5.0 coined by the Japanese Government and explored by Malaysia 5.0, it includes Ministers and high profile personalities from Hong Kong, Ukraine, Startup Bangladesh, Pakistan, EU.

Digital Week Online offers a program with the leading speakers, VCs and entrepreneurs in Digital transformation, AI, Blockchain, COVID19 Impact, Smart Cities, Digital Marketing, Fintech, DeFi, Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Corporate Innovation, Gaming & Entertainment, and more.

The program offers keynote and panels with InvestHK, UNESCO, Tencent, Siemens, SOSV, Hyundai, Deloitte, Draper Dragon Fund, PrivacyRules and the biggest VCs, funds and fast growing startups.

In times of uncertainty, technology and digital experts need to come together with ideas and best strategies to build a narrative and solutions for the transformative future of humanity.

So, Digital Week Online presents over 200+ leading global speakers from over 100 countries from 5 continents and a direct reach of 5.000+ participants and indirect of 1 million with a digital streaming in social media that reaches around 10 million people.

IxD Capital is a co-host of the Digital Week Online, where IxD Capital will present one of the most important tracks of the event — Impact & Sustainability.

IxD Capital is an impact investment evangelist that effectively brings together private capital, business, and innovation to foster development of the impact sector, working in close collaboration with partners around the globe.

IxD Capital’s key mission is to create long-term value for future generations and to build a system of sustainable capitalism, in which business, innovations and capital seek to maximize the shared potential along with reaching high SDG and ESG indicators.

Digital Week Online will also host a start-up competition and pitch sessions, where budding entrepreneurs will get feedback from top-investors and experts.

Given the current global pandemic, they have waived the fees to participate.

Startups can apply for pitch on the event website!