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TBLI Conference - Europe | Triple Bottom Line Investing Group

IxD Capital invites you to join a revolutionary event in the field of impact investing and sustainability — 39th TBLI Conference — Europe

39th TBLI Conference — Europe:

• 5−6 October 2020

IxD Capital is pleased to invite you on October 5−6, 2020 to a revolutionary event in the field of impact investing and implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda — 39th TBLI Conference Europe, organized by Triple Bottom Line Investing Group (TBLI).

Triple Bottom Line Investing Group (TBLI) is a partner of IxD Capital in Europe and for over 20 years has conducted operations through a proprietary network of Sustainability, Impact, and the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) communities.

TBLI leverages impact through 4 business lines which serve as a growth continuum of sustainable practice for asset managers, family offices, foundations and corporations.

Triple Bottom Line Investing Group (TBLI) has created a vertically integrated ecosystem of education and action through networking at public conferences, private events, and investor salons through TBLI Conference; capital markets, corporate advisory and OCIO services through TBLI Consulting; and educational experiences through the firm’s charitable organization, Stitching TBLI.

The TBLI Expert Network (TEN) is:

  • Global network of leading experts in academia, science, finance and capital markets, business operations and industry, and enabled technologies matrixed across impact and sustainability themes and geographies.

  • Wide lens and focused perspective for investable portfolio.

  • Global conferences, think tank salons, and learning retreats dedicated to inspirational education in impact strategies and sustainable corporate and fund investment practices.

TBLI Conference is:

  • The longest running values based global conference and convening business.

  • Networking opportunities include bringing together thought leaders, asset managers, investors, and innovative organizations dedicated to public and private sustainable and social finance.

  • TBLI’s events allow for peer-to-peer learning, local economic development, and new business development. Convening is typically hosted at unique international venues that explore industry themes and customized content.

39th TBLI Conference — TBLI Europe is:

  • A carefully curated program addressing a diverse set of topics of interest for both ESG as well as Impact Investors.

  • Networking opportunities with a diverse, high-quality audience.

  • TBLI Workshops on case studies, market analysis and lessons learned.

  • Interactive TBLI Masterclasses on opportunities, innovation and risks.

  • Entrepreneur Salons featuring pre-qualified entrepreneurs.

  • High-Level Plenary Sessions with experienced investors, social entrepreneurs, and Responsible Investment specialists.