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Startup Coronavirus Battles | Different continents and countries

A series of Startups' events will be held on different continents and different countries

VC, business-angels, private investors and startups are coming together on all continents because the problem of COVID-19 has affected every one already and we are strong in our efforts to help any way we can!

Striving to stabilize the situation with COVID-19 around the world Startup. Network and its partners have established a series of online events that will help startups on all continents that are fighting this global threat or searching for a way to produce much more quickly needed equipment to save people’s lives all over the world and help businesses to survive through this tough restriction period.

IxD Capital calls all people on the Planet!

IxD Capital is an official partner in this international initiative for Startup’s Community as an important part of company’s Agenda-2020 + dedicated to solving problems related to the COVID-19 crisis.

The team of IxD Capital will also take part in judging and selecting projects in series of Startups Coronavirus Battles.

IxD Capital is an impact investment evangelist, combining private capital and innovations that promote the development of the impact sector in Russia and the CIS countries, in close cooperation with international partners.

IxD Capital actively interacts with the investment, financial and banking sectors, as well as with development institutions, large international organizations and transnational corporations on the topic of sustainable development and implementation of the Global 2030 Agenda.

A series of Startups' events will be held on different continents and in different countries!

Online Coronavirus Battles are non-profit, free of charge for everyone. Events will be widely covered by world media sources.

Register and participate:

Together we can be stronger and have a great impact on the future of the whole world!