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Unicorn Battle Singapore | Global startup-pitching series

IxD Capital invites investors to join the online startup-pitching series Unicorn Battle Singapore

Unicorn Battle Singapore, Asia — May 19th, 2020:

  • 15:00—18:00 (UTC+8)

IxD Capital’s partner Startup. Network is an international platform for venture capital professionals with over 120 000 participants from 55 countries in its startup portfolio.

Startup-pitching series "Startup Battles" are held regularly by the Startup. Network platform in collaboration with its partners to promote international venture industry.

Startup. Network has already organized more than 200 Startup Battles in various cities all over the world — in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

The winner of the Unicorn Battle in Singapore will be granted a chance to present their project at the Unicorn CUP — Silicon Valley Finals of global pitch competition on July 30th, 2020!

The private sector is considered the main provider of innovative solutions. The world’s top venture funds choose best startup projects!

Pitching at the Unicorn Battle Singapore is a great opportunity for you to find investments, acquire practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals, meet new partners and clients, expand your network, and present your startup to the investment community.

Startup Battle Singapore is an online event. Best startups will be assessed by the panel and investors.

Welcome the honoured Judges of the upcoming Unicorn Battle Singapore:

  • Alexander Soroka — CEO & Founder at Startup. Network;

  • Eva Andriyash — Chairwoman and CEO at IxD Capital;

  • Michael Blakey — Managing Partner at Cocoon Capital;

  • Janet Lee — CEO at Venture Capital Network Pte Ltd;

  • Amit Sharma — Serial Entrepreneur and Investor;

  • Scott Krivokopich — Managing Partner at 1982 Ventures;

  • Alex Friedberg — Co-founder at BXB Capital;

  • Bernard Shum — Managing Director at CareerCapital, Partner at Cap8sia;

  • Leesa Soulodre — General Partner at R3i Ventures. DeepTech & MedTech Pioneer;

  • GheeHoe Cheng — Managing Partner at Perspectiv Ventures;

  • Say Wei (Eric) Neo — Founder and Chairman at Neo & Partners Global, Co-Founder and Group Director at RF Int’l Holdings, Director at RF Fund Management, Director at RF Transformation Fund VCC;

  • Jake Booker — Investment Associate at Investible;

  • Ponarul A.P. — Venture Investor and Partner (CVCinsight) at Expara;

  • Selene Daswani — Founder at Knots & Generserv, Strategy, Operations, Partnerships at Google, AWS, Yahoo! Samsung, Startup Mentor and Investor;

  • Pankaj Gupta — Founder at EthAum Venture Partners;

  • Hendrik Schwartz — Partner at Sanpei Ventures, Partner at Re-Hub Singapore, Co-Founder at Somin. ai, Investor;

  • Joseph Mocanu — Managing Partner at Verge HealthTech Fund I, Managing Director at Verge Capital Management Pte Ltd., Non Executive Director at Mobio Interactive, Kipuwex, AKUOS, Reach52, Healthy Networks, HearX Asia, Health2Sync SG, Papaya;

  • Christian Nguyen Cadeo — Managing Partner, Asia at Big Idea Ventures;

  • Anne Kim — Founder & CEO at Alphavita Capital, Former Vice President at Quadria Capital;

  • Pierre Martensson — Founder and Managing Partner at The Scale Factory;

  • Eddie Ler — Partner at Vantage Venture;

  • Jielun Ong — Ventures at Plug and Play Tech Center;

  • Roman Nikitov — Head of ICU Ventures;

  • Jean-François (JF) Legourd — Managing Director APAC for Board of Innovation Former Group Strategy & New Business Development Head at Samsung;

  • Sonny Mohanty — Regional Director of LATOKEN Singapore;

  • Miguel Encarnacion — Managing Partner, Unifier Ventures;

  • Bill Lewis  — Entrepreneur in Residence Lancaster University Business School;

  • Hoay Beng Ooi — Managing Director at Falconcrest Ltd.;

  • Low Jian Liang — Captain at Trabble and Co-Founder, Incubator Leviathan at Reactor;

  • Paulina Bialek — Business Development Director at Expara VC, President at Lotus League Foundation;

  • Joe Zhang — Principal at TNB AURA, VC in Southeast Asia;

  • Juliet Kasko — Advisor to LuneX VC, Technology Headhunter at Global CxO;

  • Jordan Wahbeh — Managing Partner at SV Venture Group, Vice President at Scorpion Capital Management, Advisor at Silicon Valley Syndicate Club;

  • Dr. Vin Menon — Fintech Advisor and Co-Founder at Calfin Global Crypto Exchange (CGCX);

  • Ruchi Dana — Forbes Power Businesswoman 2020, Forbes NexGen 2017−2019;

  • Ajmal Aman — Managing Partner at Hemisphere;

  • Daxeel Soni — Founder Startup Around;

  • Koh Chen Tien — Investor, Innovator and Co-Founder of several businesses in the Middle East, Asia and China;

  • Victoria Mehran — Associate at Expert Dojo;

  • Ro Charlz — Technologist serving on the investment team with Vickers Venture Partners.

Top-10 startups have been selected to be pitched live at Unicorn Battle Singapore 2020:

1. GuardRails — empowers developers to find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities in their web and mobile applications;

2. SmartPeep — AI virtual elderly-sitter system;

3. Credify Pte. Ltd. — develops platform that enables secure and cost-effective blockchain-driven universal identity and trust system solutions to companies in e-commerce and digital finance;

4. Neurobit Technologies — fast, affordable, convenient apnea screening;

5. GreenArc Capital — using AI driven technology to foster financial inclusion;

6. ConnectUpz — digital business ecosystem platform for niche businesses;

7. Pocket Money — empowering differently banked communities;

8. Pentaip (M) Sdn Bhd — AI charting and financial data;

9. Stayr — book hotels, spaces and more by the hour;

10. H3 Dynamics Pte Ltd. — rise of a global tele-robotics economy.

See you at the Online Unicorn Battle in Singapore, May 19th, 2020, 15:00—18:00 (UTC+8)!